Frederick Copleston – A History of Philosophy

Frederick Copleston (1907-1994) grew up in England. He was raised in an Anglican home but converted to Catholicism while a student at Marlborough College. He later became a Jesuit and then pursued a career in academia. He studied and lectured at Heythrop College and wrote an eleven-volume History of Philosophy, which is highly respected. He also spent time teaching at Gregorian University in Rome and, after he retired, lectured at Santa Clara University in California. He was appointed a member of the British Academy in 1970. He is famous for debating Bertrand Russell over the existence of God in a 1948 BBC broadcast.



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2 thoughts on “Frederick Copleston – A History of Philosophy”

  1. Thank you for keeping the memory of Father Copleston alive. I’m a philosopher from México who is in great debt to people like Father F. C. Jesuit intellectuals like him helped bring me back into the faith.

    I’m working on the Wikipedia article for his “History” (I’m user ‎Dadrevalodnacsub there), it was sadly neglected by that community. But, no more…

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    1. Hi Jorg,
      Thank you so much for your comments. I am so pleased to hear that “Freddie” did make a difference. Although I’m very distant related It makes me proud to hear comments like this. Thank you too for making the Wikipedia article come to life. I also have a page dedicated to Frederick on my website here…..
      Best Regards, Paul Copleston.


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