Stafford Barton

Stafford Barton is near Dolton in Devon and has a link to the Copleston Family

Also the Copleston Coat of arms is visible here. A marriage to a Stafford c 1450.

Richard Copleston of Woodland

Just stumbled across another finding. This time at St Giles Church near Torrington, that I visited last year. Appears that the slate epitaph hidden behind the church organ turns out to be that of Richard Copleston of Woodland who died in 1617.
The author James Grimwood-Taylor also believes that the 1586 tomb of another Richard Copleston is buried underneath the organ itself. An interesting read, and I’ll get in touch with James for more information.

Woodland Panel Front.jpg
The Image is a panel taken from the Copleston residence that was once established in Woodland, near Torrington. The panel is safely kept at The Victoria and Albert museum in London.

Edward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff 1828-1849

Edward Copleston, Bishop of Llandaff presented this clock to Cowbridge, South Wales (out of his own pocket) in 1836.!&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019

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