As per Jane Hayter-Hames book, “The History of Chagford”, the cottage known as Bellacouch was said to be built and owned by Christopher Copleston.

There were Copleston rectors of the local church too. Thomas Copleston in 1447 and Francis Copleston in 1539.

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Three Crowns



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    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for your kind words. much appreciated.

      I am hoping to continue to build a group on Facebook as a virtual family reunion, no obligation to contribute, and you are most welcome to join. I hope to keep adding interesting facts as and when I can post them. There is already a growing number of Cop(p)leston(e)s and good stuff being put on it.

      Please join here

      Regards, Paul Copleston.

      Further Copleston info is at and of course this blog at


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